Kira Sheppard is a classically trained harpist and songwriter based in St. John’s NL, Canada. She plays a Celtic lever harp which she takes around the world to festivals, concerts, house shows, ballrooms, churches, DIY spaces, galleries and anywhere else with good acoustics.  She is a versatile artist who loves to experiment with creating dreamy soundscapes with the harp, complimented by her insightful sometimes humorous lyrics. Her style is fiercely independent, at times playful and uncompromisingly unique. Often hard to categorize, she pushes the boundaries of songwriting into uncharted territory, leaving her audiences transported into other dimensions. You will find her most often at indie festivals with a captivated crowd. A lot of her songs talk about transcendence but also ordinary things like croissants and love and subterranean caves. She is influenced and inspired by chamber pop, British folk rock, anti-folk, chants, classical/early music, and ambient but also anything of any genre with great writing.